Please read and adhere to the rules when taking part

Failure to do so could result in your submissions being forfeit!
1. Use Oxygen Builder
This is pretty much a given, but all websites must be made using the Oxygen Builder. You are free to use any addons you wish, but please check to see if there are any obstacles on the current challenge first!
2. No obscene imagery
It goes without saying, but please do not use any imagery which may cause offense or is graphic in nature. This includes gore, violence, nudity etc. This goes for submission entries as well as user profile avatars. Your submissions and/or account will be removed immediately if these kind of images are found.
3. No personal info on submitted sites
We kindly ask that you do not post any personally identifiable information on your websites. This is because we would like to keep all submissions anonymous in order to keep the voting system unbiased and as fair as possible.
4. Please keep feedback professional
Your feedback on other user's submissions will remain anonymous during the challenge duration, but will become visible once the challenge is over. We politely ask that you keep all feedback constructive, professional and civil.
5. Do not use alt accounts
Using an alt account is not only suspicious, but also very unnecessary. We ask that one user makes one account. If you are found to be using an alt account, both accounts will be banned.
6. Don't abuse the report feature
Please use the report feature only if you feel that a user may be breaking the rules. Repeatedly reporting users will be considered as abusing the report system and might get you banned.
If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page here
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