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What is Oxygen Builder?
Oxygen Builder is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to visually design websites from scratch. With Oxygen, there is no longer any need to use WordPress themes and the things you can do are practically limitless. Visit Oxygen's website here.
Who are the challenge's clients?
The clients in the challenges are completely fictional. The purpose of the challenges is to present you with client briefs so that you can create a website for the challenge.
What are the rules?
Everyone must follow the rules found here. In addition, each challenge may come with its own set of obstacles, adding a little extra difficulty to the challenge! You can find those written on the challenge page!
Is it free to join?
Yes! It's free to join and free to enter challenges. Join today and show us what you've got!
Can I enter more than once?
You can only submit one entry per challenge! But you can enter the challenges every month! 
How do I win?
Other users will vote on your submission by giving you stars (maximum of 5). There are different criteria, ranging from design to functionality. All votes are anonymous while the challenge is still underway, but once the challenge is finished, the votes will become visible. The entry with the highest average of stars will win the challenge.
What happens if I win a challenge?
If you win a challenge, you will be rewarded with an award for your profile page! It's a good way to get recognised when people check your profile. The more wins you get, the better award received. Some challenges may also include giveaways, too! So be sure to check the challenge page for more info! 
What is the VIP role?
VIPs are users who have contributed heavily and are recognised by the founders as being worthy of said role. It is rare, and chances are you probably won't get it if you ask for it! 
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