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Solar Energy Landing Page

Build a Solar Energy Landing Page
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The Brief
Build a Landing Page for a Solar Energy Company
Client's Request
Given the growing demand on the search of new alternative energies, we want to create a landing page to capture leads from companies and/or particulars interested in the sector, with the aim of being able to send them more information about each of our services.

Our company is called Energium and offers 3 services, installation of solar panels, solar batteries and electric vehicle chargers.
Things needed from the client:
A clean one page
Include all services
A contact form that allows us to differentiate between particulars and companies.
If possible, please list the advantages of solar energy
Obstacles / Requirements!
This month's challenge has the following obstacles:

21 October, 202121 November, 2021
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1st: The Grand Prize winner will receive our WooCommerce Design Set + 3 new layouts that we will release this month.

2nd & 3rd: Will each receive our WooCommerce Design Set.

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    November 20, 2021
    November 7, 2021
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