Behind the Project

Powering this Project...

For those interested, below are the things being used to power Oxy Build Challenge.
Cloudways / DigitalOcean
The website is hosted on a DigitalOcean server at Cloudways. DigitalOcean is the fastest growing cloud provider and offer high performance, SSD-based storage. 
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Oxygen Builder
Proud users of Oxygen Builder. This means that limitations otherwise present in WordPress no longer exist, and we now have full control over what we create. 
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ACF + ACF Extended
This website wouldn't be possible without Advanced Custom Fields. We use custom fields to create things like the challenges, entries, awards etc. 
GridBuilder helps us display entries from custom fields in advanced grid layouts with a real-time faceted search. The design options are also limitless.
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We make the most of FluentCRM for sending automated email notifications. These emails are sent when you sign up, enter challenges, receive awards etc.
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Fluent Forms
Fluent Forms allows us to create great-looking forms with hidden entries, this helps us track which users are submitting entries to improve your experience.
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Our Awesome Features...

Most of this website's functionality is custom and has been built by ourselves from the ground up. We do use some key plugins in order to give us the capability to expand upon any limitations presented to us.

Below is a list of the features we've built: 
Custom Award System
Entry & Voting System
Custom Ajax Notification System
Custom Invite System
Custom Profile System
40+ Custom Code Snippets!
Plus, over 100 hours' worth of work, and of course, lots of coffee & energy drinks!
Taylor's AvatarTaylor Drayson
The Techy Dude
avatar.jpgLuke Allen
The Design Dude

The guys behind it.

Taylor and Luke teamed up after having the idea for Oxy Build Challenge. Taylor is the big brains behind the functionality while Luke put the design together. Not only do we both love Oxygen Builder, but we are passionate about other's work. We can't wait to see what everyone brings to the challenges!
Take part in monthly challenges; improve your skills, feel inspired and motivate others.
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