We wanted to make a place for the Oxygen Builder community where you can not only showcase your talent, but also get motivation from other work, practice improving your skills, receive quality feedback and more.

Practice building websites using our lifelike client briefs and become a better developer in Oxygen Builder!

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Improve your Skills

We aim to keep the requests for challenges relatively small so that they don't take too much time to complete between your other projects.
Here at Oxy Build Challenge, we provide you with lifelike briefs from our made-up clients, your job is to follow the requests to the best of your ability. Other users can vote on your submission based on how much you follow these requests.
In addition, each challenge comes with its own set of obstacles. For example, you must use a specific primary colour or must include a specified phrase which we provide. The more you practice and the more challenges you enter, the better you will become at developing sites in Oxygen Builder. It is great practice for the real world!

Get Motivated

Oxy Build Challenge also allows you to rate other user's submissions. You'll be able to access the links to other entries and hopefully you can see how other websites have been made by our members. Ranging from layout and design, down to the functionality of the website. We're sure that you will feel inspired from other's submissions, and hopefully drive you to be a little more competitive in order for you to win the month's challenge.
We may offer real prizes during some of the challenges, and in addition, you can earn awards which you can show off on your profile. Awards are achieved for entering challenges, winning challenges, rating on other submissions and more.
Taylor Drayson
The Techy Dude
avatar.jpgLuke Allen
The Design Dude

The guys behind it.

Taylor and Luke teamed up after having the idea for Oxy Build Challenge. Taylor is the big brains behind the functionality while Luke put the design together. Not only do we both love Oxygen Builder, but we are passionate about other's work. We can't wait to see what everyone brings to the challenges!


To help, inspire and encourage people who use Oxygen Builder by offering a platform and resource to help become better web developers.


Bring the Oxygen Builder community together and help each other improve by inspiring and sharing feedback as well as new ideas. Let's get better together.


We made this website through our love for Oxygen Builder and its community. People are free to join this website and free to join the competitions, and we would love to keep it that way. Therefore, any donation would mean the world to us, and we will use donations towards this website; more quality content, constant updates and even giveaways to winners of the challenges. Thank you.
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Take part in monthly challenges; improve your skills, feel inspired and motivate others.
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